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Have you ever thought to yourself “I can’t believe this is my life?” I remember when I was in college, and all I could think was “there has to be more than this!” For the longest time I thought it was out of my control. That my life was what it was and there was nothing I could do about it. Thankfully, as I was working with a life coach I started to realize that I was in control. 

What Lights You Up

When I thought about creating a truly luxurious life, the first thing my mind wandered to is when do I feel the most luxurious? The first step in creating a life you love, is to identify what you love in life. Think about the things that make you happy. Hobbies you love to spend time doing. Characteristics about your friends that you love. Also think back to your childhood and think about the things you loved then.

I realized that whenever I am on vacation I feel like my most luxurious self. Once I was aware of that, I started to dive into why I felt that way on vacation. I noticed that when I was on vacation I would take better care of myself. I would carefully pick out my outfits. I would work out more and be more active. I started to figure out what areas of my vacation life I could bring into my everyday life. 

Think Of All Areas Of Your Life

When it comes to creating a luxurious life, it is important to think about all the areas that will make it up. To get started here are some different categories to think about. 

Style – How to do aesthetically show up in the world? What are you wearing? How do you style your hair? What is your beauty routine? 

Career – What do you want to do to make a living? How do you want to represent yourself when you are in your career? 

Money – How is your relationship with money? What are your thoughts around money? 

Romantic Relationship – What does it look like? How are you showing up? How are you showing compassion and kindness? What are your boundaries? What are your nonnegotiables? 

Family Life – What are your relationships like? How do you practice your boundaries? How do you spend time together? 

Social Life – How do you spend your time? What hobbies do you have? What do you enjoy doing? 

Spirituality – How do you practice your spirituality? What is important to you? How do you practice gratitude? 

Home Environment – What is your home environment like? What decor do you like? How do you feel when you are home? 

Health – How do you practice your health? What does health mean to you? How do you like to move your body? How do you like to nourish your body? 

Self Care – How do you like to show yourself care? What self care activities are your favorite? 

Visualize Your New Reality 

Once you are able to understand which areas of your life are priorities it is time to start visualizing it. Imagine what a day in your luxe life would look like. Go into detail and write out a full day. Once you have a clear picture, practice reading it to yourself and envisioning it becoming your reality. 


Ellie Curry



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