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Defining Self Love

Defining Self Love

Episode 37: Let's Talk Self-Love

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Hey there, it's Ellie Curry, your confidence coach and the host for the Own Your Confidence podcast. Today, I'm diving deep into a topic that's close to my heart – Defining Self Love. I'm sure you've heard my story before if you've been with me on this podcast journey. I used to believe that self-love was just not meant for me. Let's rewind to the beginning of my confidence journey. I was starting a new era in Columbus, Ohio after leaving New York City. I had landed my dream job and created a cozy apartment. On the surface, life seemed perfect. But deep down, I was struggling with the feeling that I wasn't lovable.

Understanding the Root Cause

Have you ever felt this way? Like you're not worthy of love, no matter what you achieve? That was my daily struggle. The first step to cultivating self-love is identifying why we feel undeserving. I began by unraveling the stories I'd carried for years, stories that told me I wasn't enough. Who planted these seeds of doubt? Was it family, society, or friends? It's crucial to question these narratives and decide if we still want them to define us.

Shifting the Mindset

So, where do we begin? How do we transition from self-doubt to self-love? The journey starts by shifting our perspective. We need to replace those old stories with new, supportive ones. Remember, the stories we tell ourselves trigger thoughts that shape our beliefs, emotions, and actions. It's like a chain reaction, and we need to break this cycle to foster self-love.

Choosing Self-Love Affirmations

Picture this – you're looking in the mirror, and instead of criticizing yourself, you're giving yourself a high-five. It might sound weird, but it's all about understanding how you want to be loved and validating those needs yourself. Start with a simple affirmation like "I'm learning to love myself." Trust me, it might feel awkward at first, but it's a step towards rewiring your self-perception.


Embracing Kindness and Compassion


Being kind to yourself is a cornerstone of self-love. So, here's a challenge – try the mirror activity. Sit in front of a mirror, look into your eyes, and say, "I love myself." This might bring up emotions or resistance, but don't shy away. These feelings are your starting points for growth. Journal about them and notice the negative thoughts you're fighting.

Practicing Self-Love Consistently

Change doesn't happen overnight, especially when it comes to self-love. Take small steps, affirming your worth and embracing kindness daily. If you're used to being your own worst critic, this transformation might feel uncomfortable at first. That's okay – remember, discomfort often precedes growth.

Believe in Your Self-Love Journey

I know it's not easy, but here's what I want you to know – self-love is possible for you. The journey to self-love starts with believing that you deserve it. You are worth the effort it takes to rewrite your inner narrative and embrace the love you deserve. Remember, I'm here cheering you on, supporting you every step of the way.




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