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Have you ever thought one way about yourself, but then in a single moment you changed your mind? I was taking stuff out of my house to donate, and my neighbor stopped me and said “you are always on the go aren’t you?” I paused and didn’t know what to say, because I had always viewed myself as the person who stayed in and quiet frankly was lazy. My neighbor completely took me off guard, I was not prepared to see myself in a new way. Yet that simple question changed my perspective about myself.

The thought had never crossed my mind that I was anything but lazy. I had so much evidence to support the idea of laziness, I watched a lot of tv, and I slept all the time. Fascinating that someone else viewed my life completely different then I do. This is when I realized perspective is everything. And what I was focused on was looking for evidence to support the thought: I am lazy. I never considered looking for evidence to suggest I was busy or had a social life or was always on the go! 

I was looking for ways to beat myself up over this flaw I had. Yet, all of a sudden this lady proved me wrong. 

When it comes to shifting our perspective it can seem complicated because we are the ones living our realities. We do not have the luxury of looking in from the outside. The key to shifting your perspective is to build your awareness. Awareness of where in your life you are viewing yourself in a negative light, and be willing to treat yourself with kindness and view yourself in a different way. 

We do not view ourselves the same way the world views us. We tend to be much more harsh. We could be beating ourselves up for things that other people are looking at us with admiration about. When I am trying to shift my perspective I use curiosity as a tool. I not longer look at my life as if everything is fact. Instead I look for the areas where I could be wrong. When you choose curiosity everything becomes a possibility. Nothing is off the table! You open yourself up to see things differently. Curiosity invites in play. 

What else can be true about me? 

Sometimes we need a perspective shift to wake up from a negative perspective we have been living in. This is what coaching can help you do.


Ellie Curry



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