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New Year, New Habits, New You: Embracing Authenticity and Self-Compassion

New Year, New Habits, New You: Embracing Authenticity and Self-Compassion

Episode #29: New Year, New Habits, New You!

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Hey there, it's Ellie Curry, and welcome to the new year! I hope you had a fantastic time celebrating the arrival of the new year. However, I understand that holidays can bring a mix of emotions, and that's perfectly okay. Personally, I used to get a little sad after Christmas, as I'm a big Christmas season person. But I've come to accept that it's natural to feel a bit down when the festivities end. So whether you're feeling excited or experiencing a tinge of melancholy, let's embrace the new year together.

Reflecting on Authenticity and Balance

As we embark on this new year, it's crucial to approach it with intentionality and authenticity. The lifestyle we aspire to have should reflect who we truly are. When our lives become imbalanced, that's when feelings of depression and anxiety can creep in. I've experienced this firsthand during my early years after college.

Finding My Path and Struggling with Self-Esteem

After graduating, I pursued a degree in fashion merchandising, a field I chose somewhat impulsively. I remember flipping through a big book of majors and stumbling upon fashion merchandising, thinking it sounded cool. I applied to several schools and eventually ended up at Mercyhurst University and did a visiting program at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City. Living my dream of being in New York City was incredible, but mentally, I was still struggling.

Throughout high school and college, I battled anxiety and low self-esteem. I believed that if I could just change everything about myself and get my act together, I would finally be happy. However, even after achieving my lifelong dream of living in New York, I felt a profound sense of confusion. I asked myself, "Why am I not happy?"

Realizing Happiness Isn't Dependent on Accomplishments

This realization marked a turning point for me. I began seeking help and found an amazing counselor at FIT who helped me start to reconnect with my true self. It was then that I understood that accomplishing goals and ticking off boxes doesn't automatically equate to happiness. Even after achieving significant milestones, such as landing my first job, I spiraled into a deep depression. I realized that I had been missing a crucial element.

The Journey of New Habits

Although I titled this episode "New Year, New Habits, New You," it's important to acknowledge that setting new goals doesn't automatically change our internal state. We often attach certain emotions to our goals, expecting them to manifest once we achieve them. However, this mindset can lead to disappointment. In my own experience, I would look back at my vision board and realize I had accomplished some goals without even realizing it.

Creating a Different Perspective: Habits and Mindset

When setting goals and striving for new habits, we should view them as mutually supportive. It's the little habits we adopt along the way that ultimately lead to achieving our desired outcomes. Simultaneously, our mindset plays a crucial role in our journey. It's essential to examine the stories we tell ourselves about our goals, habits, and dreams. Simply achieving external success does not guarantee inner fulfillment.

Confidence Rooted in Self-Compassion

At Own Your You, we believe in an inside-out approach to confidence. While our physical appearance and achievements can boost confidence, we should root our self-worth in our character and self-love. By becoming a friend to ourselves, we cultivate a safe space of compassion, support, and friendship. This approach allows us to navigate our dreams and goals with kindness, even when things don't go as planned.


Ellie Curry 



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