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Rediscovering Your Authentic Self

Rediscovering Your Authentic Self

Episode 31: Own Your You Framework: Re-Discovering Who You Are

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Welcome to another episode! I'm Ellie Curry, your host, and I'm thrilled that you're tuning in this week. Over the next four episodes, I'll be sharing the signature framework I've developed at Own Your You, which is all about helping you become your most confidence, self-loving self. So if you're ready to embark on a step-by-step journey towards personal growth, you're in the right place!


Re-discovering Your Authentic Self


When I lived in Columbus, Ohio, I had a pivotal moment in my confidence journey. I looked in the mirror one day and realized I didn't recognize myself. I was living a life that wasn't aligned with my true, authentic self. Everything felt out of sync, from my actions to my choices.

In this stage of the framework, you dive deep into rediscovering who you are. It involves reflecting on whether you are hiding parts of yourself or playing a character to fit societal expectations. Personally, I realized that I had been suppressing my opinions in certain family contexts, which hindered my self-expression. 


Figuring Out Your Confidence Source


During my journey, I came to a crucial realization about where my confidence was sourced from. Growing up, I, like many others, fell into the trap of seeking validation from external factors. From Disney princesses to teenage romance novels, I believed that being chosen by someone else was the ultimate validation. This reliance on external validation made my confidence unstable and incomplete.

I was relying on attention from guys to feel worthy and the negative impact it had on my self-image. It's important to cultivate stable sources of confidence from within, embracing self-acceptance, self-care, and personal growth.


How to Use Self-Awareness


In this phase, self-awareness becomes the solution. Building awareness is key to uncovering hidden qualities, strengths, and values within yourself. You embark on a fact-finding mission to better understand who you are at a deep level, fostering self-compassion and empathy.

Throughout this process, curiosity over judgment is essential. Ask yourself questions, seek input from friends, and explore your true self without self-criticism. I highlight the importance of staying curious, keeping an open mind, and discovering the qualities that make us unique.

Congratulations on taking the first step in your journey of self-discovery and confidence! Remember, this process is all about building awareness, curiosity, and self-acceptance. If you want to dive deeper into this stage, I've created the "Rediscover Yourself" workbook, available on our website.

Know that you're not alone on this path. I'm here to support you, and I believe in your ability to embrace your authentic self. Stay curious, keep exploring, and have a fabulous week ahead. Sending you lots of love and encouragement.


Ellie Curry


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