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The Power of Small Action Steps: Unlocking Consistent Progress

The Power of Small Action Steps: Unlocking Consistent Progress

Episode #19: The Power Of Small Action Steps

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I want to share with you the incredible impact that small action steps can have on our journey towards achieving our dreams. I'll be diving into my own experiences and how I've discovered the magic of breaking things down into manageable tasks. So, let's jump right in!

Breaking It Down

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the magnitude of your goals? Trust me, I've been there too. The key is to break those goals down into bite-sized pieces. By focusing on small action steps, you'll find that the path to success becomes much clearer and more manageable. 

Think about the things that you want to accomplish and tune them into your mind. Maybe it's something you've never done before and your mind is scared because you don’t know how to do it. For me, I had the to-do list and what I would do is to learn how to break down the action into very manageable steps. However, whenever I don’t feel like doing it, the first thing I would do is to give myself 5-10 minutes relaxation.

Celebrating The Wins

When was the last time you celebrated a small accomplishment? We often underestimate the importance of acknowledging and celebrating our progress along the way. When struggling to accomplish your task celebrate after you accomplish each baby step! Get in the habit of celebrating yourself and you accomplishments! This helps keep you inspired and motivated to keep going! 


Making It Comfortable: Layering tasks for a pleasant experience

What if I told you that you could make the journey towards your dreams more enjoyable? Sounds intriguing, right? Well, I've discovered a technique that involves pairing an enjoyable activity with a task you need to accomplish. By layering tasks, you can create a positive and comfortable environment that motivates you to take action. 

For me I always grew up doing my homework while watching tv. So now that I am an adult I decided to continue this practice! When I am working I will have my favorite sound track on or watch tv to help me stay motivated and focused! 

Treating Yourself With Compassion

Beating ourselves up to take action rarely leads to positive results. I've learned this the hard way. Whenever you treat yourself with compassion, you remind yourself why you are doing these activities and your mission. Get curious about why you are wanting to take this action! And talk yourself through any fear or resistance that is coming up! 

If you're struggling to take action, it's crucial to understand that fear and discomfort are natural parts of the process.  You're allowed to feel all that but you don’t have to beat yourself up into changing or taking action because then the process will not be enjoyable.

Taking small action steps may seem insignificant at first, but their cumulative effect can lead to incredible progress and personal growth. By breaking tasks into manageable pieces, celebrating our wins, finding comfort in the process, and treating ourselves with compassion, we unlock the potential to make our dreams a reality. So, embrace the power of small action steps and watch as they pave the way to your success. Remember, you've got this!


Ellie Curry



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