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Hello Lovelies! So I took the past two weeks off from posting. Everything is good I was on vacation the first week and just needed a couple weeks to regroup to start the new year fresh!

I used to set new year’s resolutions, and they would go something like this: get all super excited about this magical change that was going to occur, try to overhaul my whole life with these resolutions, become completely overwhelmed, and then give up. I would do this every year all throughout college until I decided this was not the way to go about overhauling my life. It has been a couple years since I have stopped setting new year’s resolutions, and this year my focus is going to continue on my health. So instead of resolutions, I am going to keep reminding myself of what is important to me.

Continuing to Get Enough Sleep: I make sure I get 6-8 hours a sleep a night. This is not always easy to do. I tend to let my mind wander at night which keeps me up. To help with this I have started to introduce a bedtime routine (yes like when I was 4!) About an hour before I go to sleep I stop watching TV. I make sure I wash my face, brush my teeth & floss. Then I get comfy in bed and read a book for about 30 minutes. This gives me time to not be in front of a TV, computer, or phone screen. Then before I go to sleep I “brain dump” everything on my mind into a journal. This has helped tremendously with the overthinking.

Eating More Balanced Meals: Many people make losing weight a new year’s resolution, and I used to be one of them! For many people losing weight means cutting out any “junk food” from their diet. In 2017 I started on my journey of intuitive eating (catch up on my journey here!) and this year I want to continue to eat with awareness and making sure my meals are balanced. What I have decided works well for me is to make sure I have protein, carbs, & fats all present in my meal. Also, I am slowing down when I eat, stepping away from my desk and actually enjoying the food instead of just eating on autopilot.

Moving My Body Because It Feels Good Not Because I Have To: This is the hardest concept for me ever! I always had the mentality that if I didn’t hate it or sweat like crazy it wasn’t an actual workout. I am slowly opening up to the idea that dancing in my kitchen while cooking, or going for a walk after work in *gasp* work clothes both count as movement. And lightening up on myself will actually help me move closer to my goals than trying to bully myself into a strict workout plan. Because what I have learned over the past 10 years is I love to rebel when I bully myself!

Self Care Sundays: A new introduction to my routines is a self care Sunday. Each Sunday looks different. When it is winding down to the evening I ask myself what I need, sometimes it is a bath, sometimes a facial, or painting my nails. I don’t do more than 1 task, I keep it simple so it doesn’t become a chore. This is just a great reminder that I deserve to feel pretty & deserve to relax before another week starts.

Know My Self Worth: Well it has all been building to this! At the end of the day, I need to remind myself that none of the above dictate my worth. I am loved no matter what and I don’t need things, or to look a certain way to know that. This is the most powerful tool to have!


Ellie Curry




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