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Introducing our "Confidence Mindset Intensive" – a dynamic 90-minute one-on-one virtual coaching call designed to revolutionize your mindset and cultivate unwavering self-confidence.

🌟 Picture yourself effortlessly bridging the gap between your current reality and the empowered version of yourself you aspire to become. This intensive coaching session is your first step toward embracing a more confident, empowered you.

Confidence Mindset Intensive equips you with the essential tools to identify and seize control of the thoughts that have hindered your progress. Within this transformative coaching session, unravel the roots of self-sabotaging beliefs and summon the courage to confront any challenge head-on. Grant yourself the power to emerge as your most confident self.

How It Works:
- Collaborate via Google Meet (video chat) for an immersive 90-minute coaching experience.
- Personalized mind map creation to unveil limiting beliefs about yourself and your goals.
- Visual representation of your thought cycles, pinpointing where you are entangled in limiting beliefs.
- Guidance to craft new thoughts, facilitating a transformative shift in your current mindset.

By the session's conclusion, you'll uncover the limiting beliefs holding you captive and gain the tools to reshape them, paving the way for a new and empowering future.

1. 1x 90-Minute 1:1 Virtual Coaching Call: Immerse yourself in a focused, empowering conversation to ignite the change you seek.

2. Digital Copy of Own Your Mindset Journal: Receive a comprehensive digital journal to accompany and enhance your transformative journey.

3. Digital PDF Copy of Your Mindmap, Mind Ladder, and Thought Cycle Exercises: Gain insight into your journey with visually compelling representations and exercises that map out your path to confidence.

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment with our "Confidence Mindset Intensive." Break free from the constraints of limiting beliefs, unlock your true potential, and emerge as the confident, empowered individual you are destined to become.

Your transformation begins in just 90 minutes!

⚠️ Attention: Please note that this coaching session will be virtual. Ellie will send you a Google Meet Link after you purchase your session! 

Confidence Mindset Intensive


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