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Have you ever opened your closet and thought I have nothing to wear? Then instead of having to put the effort into putting together a new outfit you just put on the same thing you wear everyday and it leaves you feeling blah. I have many times (and sometimes I still do) because your closet doesn’t reflect your lifestyle. 

What does that mean? There are 168 hours in a week. How you are spending those hours and what you are wearing during those hours is important for you to know what type of clothing you should be purchasing. Here is an example, let’s say you work 45 hours a week, but the majority of your clothing is casual clothes. You do not have enough business attire to dress for your 45 hours at work. Another example is say you love cocktail dresses and you purchase many of them, however you spend most of your Friday & Saturday nights watching Netflix your clothing purchase of those cocktail dresses is not reflecting your actual lifestyle. 

So the first thing to do is to determine where you are spending most of your time? Here are some example categories:

Work Sleep/ Lounge/ Working Out/ Socializing/ Casual/ Dressy

The next step is to determine how many hours a week you spend doing each activity. If you spend about 45 hours a week at work, 7 hours at the gym, 1 hour a week dressing up, 70 hours in lounge clothes or sleeping, 21 hours socializing, & 24 hours being casual. Total = 168 hours. *Note: don't let this part stress you out! These numbers are rounded estimates just to help you make sure all of your lifestyle categories are covered. You might not actually get all dressed up 1 hour a week but you might one evening a month or a quarter so you want to make sure that is represented in your clothing. Next use some math to figure out which percentage of your closet should be which category. Example: Work is 45 hours out of your 168 hour week. 45/168 = 0.26 or 26%. 

Work 45hrs or 26%

Sleep & Lounge 70hrs or 42%

Working Out 7 hours or 4%

Socializing 21hrs or 13%

Casual 24 hrs or 14%

Dressy 1hr or 1%

The last step is to compare your current wardrobe to your lifestyle. What this shows you is that you should be able to wear 26% of my wardrobe to work. Right now this wardrobe does not have enough work clothing. This will help you shop in the future and create a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle.


Ellie Curry



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