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Embrace The Journey Toward Your Dreams

Embrace The Journey Toward Your Dreams

Episode 44: Embrace The Journey Toward Your Dreams

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Hello love, welcome back to the Own Your Confidence Podcast. It's your host, Ellie, and today I'm thrilled to explore the topic of: succeeding at our goals and dreams.  Last Sunday, I went to the Taylor Swift's movie concert. The experience was amazing, and it got me thinking about success, jealousy, and the essence life dreams. 

The Green-Eyed Monster

During the movie, I found myself feeling a twinge of jealousy. Now, jealousy used to be my comfort zone during my struggle with depression. Back then, it was a toxic emotion, rooted in self-doubt and comparison. But this time, it was different. It was what I'd like to call healthy jealousy—an admiration of Taylor's power, her authenticity, and her alignment with her true self. It made me realize that often, we desire things because we crave the emotions we believe they will bring us.

Discovering the Essence of Our Dreams

So, let's talk about dreams—those visions we have pinned on our secret Pinterest boards. Have you ever thought about the feelings these dreams evoke? I did this exercise recently, and it was transformative. I listed down my goals: the dream apartment, a successful business empowering women, a loving partnership, and fun experiences with friends. Then, I dived deeper and asked myself, "What feeling is this dream lifestyle giving me?" I was choosing these goals because I wanted to feel a certain way! 

Embracing the Journey

Here's the game-changer: we don't have to wait until we achieve our goals to experience these desired feelings. We can infuse our present moments with these emotions. Remember that Taylor Swift concert? The empowered feeling I experienced while watching it? That's exactly how I want to feel in my business. So, before creating content or starting my day, I listen to Taylor's music, allowing that sense of empowerment to guide me. We can embody these feelings now, making our journey towards our goals much more enjoyable.

Taking Back Our Power

In the past, I used to rush towards my goals, thinking that reaching them was the ultimate destination. But life isn't just about the end goal; it's about the journey. We have this one life, one chance to enjoy every moment. So, why rush? By embracing the feelings we desire now, we're taking our power back from our goals. We're saying, "I can feel empowered, inspired, and joyful right now, not just when I achieve what I desire."

As I wrap up this episode, I encourage you to try this exercise. Write down your dreams, explore the feelings they evoke, and find ways to embody those emotions today. Let's make our journey towards our dreams as beautiful and fulfilling as the destination itself. I can't wait to hear your insights and experiences.  Until next week remember, you have the power to create the life you've always dreamed of. Sending you love!


Ellie Curry 




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