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You Are Not The Enemy: How To Transform Your Inner Critic and Grow Your Confidence

You Are Not The Enemy: How To Transform Your Inner Critic and Grow Your Confidence

Episode 45: You Are Not The Enemy

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Welcome back to the Own Your Confidence Podcast! I'm Ellie, your host, and I'm so excited to be here with you for another week! Today, we're diving deep into an important topic: the battle within ourselves. In the early days of my confidence journey, I saw myself as my own enemy. I was living in Columbus in a high rise apartment, staring at a vision board filled with aspirations, yet constantly feeling not good enough. I would beat myself up myself, setting unrealistic expectations and always falling short. In this episode, I want to share the realization that changed my life: You are not the enemy.

Unveiling Triggers and Expectations

Understanding your triggers is key. For me, that vision board triggered my inner critic, making me feel inadequate. We often set unmanageable expectations for ourselves, expecting perfection overnight. But this self-imposed pressure only deepens our inner battle.

The Role of Compassion in Confidence

The secret ingredient to overcoming this battle is kindness. Compassion creates confidence. Imagine treating your inner critic not as an enemy, but as a scared part of yourself. When we replace judgment with curiosity, everything shifts. Curiosity opens us to new possibilities, allowing us to embrace change without fear.

Your Path to Self-Kindness

You don't have to be your own enemy anymore. It's time to unteach yourself the harsh lessons and learn self-compassion. Recognize your triggers, question your expectations, and replace judgment with curiosity. To guide you on this journey, check out the Own Your Mindset Journal on our website. Remember, you are good enough exactly as you are. Treat yourself with kindness, and watch your confidence grow.

Sending you so much love! 


Ellie Curry 




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