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I was nervous but excited when I hired my first life coach. I had just moved back to Pittsburgh, and I was not in great shape. My first encounter with the “real world” had left me a little beat up. I know I needed help, but I wanted a fresh approach and I remember learning about life coaching when I was living in New York City so I went to Google in search. 

Life coaching completely changed my life. It was action-oriented while uncovering the thoughts that were holding me back. I was able to start believing in myself, loving myself, and learning how to support myself. The benefits of coaching definitely outweigh four, but here are four different benefits I received from hiring a life coach. 

I Grew My Confidence

When I first went to coaching, I was depressed and suffering with low self-esteem. I wanted to feel better in my life, but beyond that, I didn’t really have any expectations. I had just failed at my “dream job” something I had been working towards all through college, and now I felt like I was at square one all over again.  

Coaching helped me change my perspective on all of this. I started to learn what it was like to actually believe in myself. I started to shift how I viewed myself and how I viewed other people. I was able to start using my voice and I no longer hid from my life. I started making new friends. I dreamt about what I wanted to accomplish for the first time in my life! I was finally learning how to be happy being me. 

I Started My Business 

I am so excited I started my own business. When I was going through the life coaching process, I ended up falling in love with it. I knew then that I also wanted to become a life coach. I took a year and became certified, I started a blog, then started offering coaching. It is the most rewarding feeling to help other women feel empowered and confident in who they are. 

I Learned How To Love Myself 

I did not think self-love was possible before I started life coaching. I was struggling so much beating myself up constantly for every action I took in life. I was never enough. On the other side of life coaching through I learned what loving myself looked like. I learned how to show myself compassion. I started to dress nicer, I got a skincare routine. I started to move my body, and respect myself. When I learned how to love myself, I also learned how to take care of myself. Self-care became a regular part of life for me. 

I Started To Let Go Of Bad Habits 

Coaching also helped me drop a lot of bad habits. The reason I was turning to bad habits was because I didn’t know how to cope with my feelings. So I would turn to external things to try to feel better about myself. I started to learn how to work with my feelings and I no longer needed the bad habits to turn to. 

Hiring a coach was the best decision I made for my life. The outcomes from coaching are endless. I have become a completely different person, yet more authentically myself than ever.


Ellie Curry



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