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Having a bad week? So am I. Yes, even life coaches have bad weeks! Sometimes I have to remind myself that it is okay to have a bad week.  Bad weeks can actually help you grow. 

This week I was struggling, and I was letting it get ahold of my mood. My mind drama was highly dramatic, and I needed some help to get out of my funk. Here are the steps I take when I am having a bad week.


Journal it out. This helps me process through what is going on in my mind. When our mind drama is screaming it can be hard to find a way to quiet it. I always put it down on paper, that way I can see it in black and white. 

Stay Active

This keeps me from beating myself even more. I make sure I practice being kind to myself, and I stay productive. 

Reach Out For Help

This one is important, sometimes we need help from others to see what is going on in our minds. I have a couple of close friends I know I can ask for help and it will be a non-judgmental space.

Take Responsibility

I noticed this week a lot of the things I was frustrated and stressed out about I was trying to blame on external things. I needed to take responsibility for my feelings and thoughts. I needed to see where I had to do the work.

Notice What Needs To Change. 

After I recognize what I need to change within myself. If there are any external conversations I need to have, I have them. This is the hardest step for me. My old people pleasing behavior can come through if I am not very conscious during this process. This is where having personal boundaries is important. 

Something that always helps me out is knowing emotions come in waves. I know I will come out of my bad week, I just need to let myself feel through this time, and I will be feeling normal soon.


Ellie Curry


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