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Do you struggle with taking action? Back in college, I struggled with this. I was always procrastinating and putting things off. I only completed the things I had to complete, never the things I wanted to complete. I desperately wanted to be a style blogger! However, I was terrified to start, so I never took action. I was always beating myself up over it. Finally, I realized that beating myself up wasn’t getting me to take action so I had to find a better way. 

Find Your Motivation 

I needed to find my why. I talk about this a lot, and it is one of the first things I do with my clients. Finding your why is a great way to help you stay motivated. I realized that my “why” was: I wanted to live my life on my terms, and I wanted to help others do the same! 

My, why became so important to me, that it is the foundation of my business. It is what I am shifting my whole life to reflect. So you might be thinking to yourself, how do I find my why? Great question! Think about something in life you desire. (Need some help? Sign up here for a clarity call). Write your desire on a piece of paper. Then ask yourself why do I want this? Continue asking yourself why 5-7 times. 

The reason you want to ask yourself why so many times is we have to get the ego answers out of the way. At first, we might think of more shallow level answers. You need to push past these and find a way that deeply resonates with you. You need to find a “why” that is going to keep you going even when things get hard. 

Take Small Steps 

The next thing to do is to think about the action steps that will help you achieve your desire. You want to break these steps out so you are aware of the journey ahead of you. Sometimes though we make our steps too big. An example of this is when I write on my to-do list go to the gym. Sometimes I need it to be more specific. Breaking your steps down into small manageable steps is the key here. So instead of writing down go to the gym. I will write down, pick out gym clothes, pack a gym bag, charge headphones, jog on the treadmill for 15 minutes, etc. Whatever steps I need to complete to achieve my tasks. 

If You Are Still Struggling

Use procrastination to your advantage. So many times at the end of the day I want to call it quits, but I know there is more I want to do. So I will often jump-start my motivation by completing a small task first to help inspire me. 

An example of this would be, the other day I was watching TV but I needed to write a blog post. So to help jump start me into action, I decided to take out the garbage. It was a small act, it took less than 5 minutes, but after I felt so accomplished I sat down to write. 

Using small tasks to help you jump start bigger tasks can be a way to motivate you into action. 

Life is about enjoying the journey as much as enjoying the destination. When we take small consistent steps towards our desires, it can be a more joyful and stress-free way to accomplish what we want. 


Ellie Curry


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