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Flying when you have anxiety is one of the worst feelings I have experienced. I was living in Columbus Ohio at the time and I was supposed to be meeting my parents in Florida. My anxiety was so bad that I had to cancel the trip. I knew I couldn’t continue like this. I loved to go to new places, and I wasn’t going to let anxiety control my life. Here are my top tips for flying with anxiety.

Become Knowledgeable about the Plane and Flying in General

I used to get so freaked out over every noise I heard when I was flying. Turbulence would cause my heart to race, as I clutched the armrests. Until I decided to become informed. For the longest time, I never researched any of my fears, because I was afraid to know the answers. Don’t be, having knowledge about a situation gives you a lot of power and peace of mind.

Create A Flying Playlist

Taking off was always the worst part to me (and still is my least favorite part). The flight was just beginning, sometimes they had to turn while in the air. My stomach would be in knots anytime the plane would level out. So for the first 5-10 minutes of the flight (the time it takes to get to cruising level), I would be completely tense. When I was super tense every move or bump would be extremely noticeable. So I created a takeoff playlist. Now every time I fly I put on Kenny Loggins Danger Zone and I pretend it is the opening scene to Top Gun. Never saw it? Check it out HERE. I close my eyes and just pretend I am on a rollercoaster and just flow with the plane’s movements instead of trying to fight against them. Your playlist might have something else. You might have relaxing music and you envision yourself on the beach or maybe some worship music and you can spend some time meditating with God. Find what works for you and use it!

Make Yourself As Comfortable As Possible

When flying with anxiety it is important to feel as comfortable as possible. Whenever I travel I have this blanket and eye mask set that I adore. The blanket is super comfy and it always makes me feel safe. Whichever ways in life make you feel comforted, find a way to take some of that onto the plane with you.


Anytime I am able to catch myself with anxiety, I always offer it up to God. I am able to place my confidence in Him along with my worries. He always has my back, and I always remember to thank Him for where ever I have the pleasure to visit.

Feel the Anxiety

I make anxiety something I am not running away from. I notice that I am getting anxious, I start to take some deep breaths, and I allow anxiety into my life. Oftentimes when I am trying to push the anxiety off, or force it to go away it makes it worse. 

Work on Your Mindset

I use to have major anxiety whenever I flew, until one trip I was all seated and I realized I had to pee! The plane was already pushing back, and there was no way I could go until we were in the air. I was so preoccupied with having to use the restroom that I completely forgot to have anxiety. That was the moment I realized how important my mindset was. Your thoughts create your experiences. Be away of the thoughts you have when flying. Ask yourself why you are anxious about flying. I realized it was my need for control that was making me anxious. I love being in control of my life, and when I fly I have to give up my control to a pilot I don’t know.

I realized that my anxiety was the strongest when my mindset was a mess. Thankfully as I worked with my life coach and improved many areas of my life, my anxiety to fly went away on its own. I still implement my tips above when I fly because they are comforting, but now I look forward to traveling!



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