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How To Search For Your Motivation: Unleash Your Potential and Take Action

How To Search For Your Motivation: Unleash Your Potential and Take Action

Episode #27: Searching For Motivation

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Hey there, it's Ellie Curry! Today, I want to talk about something that we all struggle with at some point—finding motivation. It's what helps us take action and make the changes we desire in our lives. Whether it's transforming our self-image, adopting a new lifestyle, or pursuing our dreams and goals, motivation plays a crucial role.

The Myth of Waiting for Motivation

For the longest time, I found myself trapped in a cycle of searching for motivation. I believed that I needed to feel motivated before I could take action. But here's the truth: Motivation doesn't strike that often. If we wait for motivation to show up, we'll find it difficult to create the significant changes we long for.

I used to think that successful people were always motivated, and I wanted to feel motivated all the time too. But I soon realized that motivation is a beautiful myth. Those who achieve their goals aren't constantly motivated. Instead, they've learned how to take action even when they don't feel like it.

Shifting Your Mindset and Emotions

To break free from the cycle of waiting for motivation, we need to understand the power of our mindset and emotions. Our mindset influences our emotions, which in turn impact our actions. It's a cycle that can either support or hinder our progress.

For example, in the early days of my business, I often had unsupportive thoughts that led to feelings of frustration, defeat, and fear. As a result, I found myself taking no action or avoiding work altogether. Recognizing the cycle you're in and understanding how it affects your dreams is a game changer.

There are two ways to bring about change in this cycle:

1. Mindset Work

Shift the story you're telling yourself about your circumstances (triggers). When negative thoughts arise, stop yourself and consciously change the narrative. Replace fear and overwhelm with excitement and a sense of purpose. Remind yourself of your mission and how it can positively impact others. By shifting your mindset, you can shift your emotions and take aligned action.

2. Discipline

If changing your mindset seems challenging, focus on changing your actions instead. Discipline is like a muscle that needs practice. There will be times when you don't feel like taking action or the stories you tell yourself aren't supportive. In those moments, commit to showing up and taking the necessary steps, even if it feels uncomfortable or you're in a bad mood.

Building discipline requires repetition and consistency. It's about practicing discipline over and over until it becomes a habit. Confidence, self-love, discipline, and mindset shifting are all skills that can be learned with the right guidance. Remember, discipline is a choice and a skill that can be developed.

Embrace Motivation and Discipline

In the pursuit of your goals, both motivation and discipline are invaluable life skills. Rather than relying solely on motivation to strike, I encourage you to create motivation for yourself through the stories you tell and practice discipline in your actions. It's a powerful combination that can fuel your excitement and help you show up consistently.

Take control of your motivation by understanding your triggers, shifting your mindset, and practicing discipline. Don't wait for motivation to find you; actively create it within yourself. With time and practice, you'll unleash your potential and experience the joy of showing up for your dreams.

Remember, motivation and discipline are skills that can be learned and developed. So, let go of the myth that you're not a disciplined or motivated person. Embrace the power within you to make the changes you desire and embark on the journey towards a fulfilling life.


Ellie Curry



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