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How To Shift Out Of Your Victim Mentality

How To Shift Out Of Your Victim Mentality

Episode #11: Shifting Out of Victim Mentality

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Hey there, it's Ellie Curry, and today I want to talk about something that played a significant role in my confidence journey: victim mentality. It's that mindset where we see ourselves as victims of life's circumstances, never taking responsibility for what's happening to us. But here's the thing, shifting out of this mentality is crucial if you want to grow and truly own your confidence. So, let's dive in and explore how we can make this shift together.

Recognizing the Trap of Victim Mentality

Early on in my confidence journey, my life coach delicately pointed out that I had fallen into the trap of victim mentality. It was a tough conversation, but it opened my eyes to the fact that I was avoiding taking responsibility for my own life. Victim mentality is about fearing that responsibility and wanting someone or something else to fix our problems. But real growth and confidence come from within.

Breaking Free from External Validation

One way victim mentality can manifest is by seeking happiness and validation solely through our significant others. We put immense pressure on finding someone who will solve all our problems and make us feel better about ourselves. But relying on external factors for happiness means we never learn to find it within ourselves. I found myself back at square one when that significant person left my life. It was a wake-up call.

Building Awareness and Taking Ownership

To break free from victim mentality, we must start by building awareness. Ask yourself tough questions: Where are you giving away your power? Where are you relying on others to fulfill your needs instead of learning to fulfill them on your own? It's crucial to learn how to be happy and meet your own needs before seeking it from others. Understand that you have the capability within yourself to create the life you desire.

In victim mentality, growth is stifled. You must shift to a mindset of empowerment and realize that you have the power to change your circumstances and how you live your life. The only person you can control is yourself. Take responsibility for your actions, dreams, and goals. Don't compare yourself to others and think they have something you don't. Believe in your capabilities and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Stepping out of victim mentality may feel intimidating because it requires taking responsibility for both successes and failures. But failures are not the end; they are learning opportunities. Understand that most things in life are learned skills, and you have the ability to learn and grow. By relying on yourself, understanding your needs, and embracing your dreams, you become more confident, empowered, and authentic.

Taking those first steps out of victim mentality is challenging but transformative. You no longer have to wait for someone else to save you; you have the power within you. This lesson has been invaluable on my confidence journey, and I hope it inspires and empowers you too. 


Ellie Curry 




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