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Embracing Confidence: Insights and Strategies from Ellie Curry

Embracing Confidence: Insights and Strategies from Ellie Curry

Episode #10: Your Confidence & Style Questions Answered!

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Welcome to another empowering episode of "Own Your Confidence," where we dive deep into the essence of confidence and explore how women can embrace it to pursue their dreams. In today's discussion, I'm thrilled to tackle some of the most pressing questions we encounter about building confidence. 

Is it possible to be confident without ever experiencing self-doubt?

The truth is, self-doubt is an inherent part of our journey. However, as we evolve, we can learn to treat ourselves with kindness and use tools to navigate self-doubt more efficiently. Ultimately, self-doubt serves as a reminder that we are stretching ourselves, trying new things, and growing.

Do I have to be extroverted to be confident? 

Contrary to popular belief, being confident does not require us to change our entire personality. You don't have to become an extrovert to cultivate confidence. Acceptance and confidence go hand in hand, regardless of whether you identify as an introvert or an extrovert. The key lies in embracing and honoring your authentic self, understanding that confidence is accessible to everyone, regardless of their personality traits. 

How do you become more confident?

To develop confidence, it is crucial to accept yourself wholly, free from constant self-judgment and criticism. Often, we fall into the trap of thinking we are not enough, perpetuating a cycle of insecurity. By embracing our humanity, acknowledging the messy parts, and releasing the need to battle against ourselves, we can foster self-acceptance. Working with a coach or therapist, journaling, and seeking support are effective ways to embark on this transformative journey.

How long does it take to create real change with your confidence?

To become more confident, it is essential to tune into those moments when you already feel confident. By understanding the circumstances, clothing, and company that contribute to our confidence, we can build awareness and recreate those conditions more intentionally. Instead of solely focusing on our perceived flaws, we should also celebrate and acknowledge the aspects of our lives that are working well. Growth and happiness can coexist on our journey to self-confidence.

Confidence is not a destination with a specific timeline. It is an ongoing relationship we cultivate with ourselves. While we may experience times of heightened confidence, life's challenges can sometimes knock us down, requiring us to rebuild and rediscover our confidence. During these moments, it is crucial to lean on our tools, support systems, and self-care practices. Embracing the ebb and flow of our confidence journey allows us to appreciate the process and nurture our relationship with ourselves over time.

What do you do when you feel insecure?

When insecurity arises, the first step is to acknowledge and permit ourselves to feel insecure. Resistance and avoidance only amplify our insecurity. By accepting our emotions, we can understand the underlying causes and question the validity of our thoughts. We have the power to reevaluate our beliefs and choose what we want to believe about ourselves, creating a nurturing environment for personal growth.

Having a trusted circle of friends and mentors who can provide a loving reality check can be invaluable when navigating insecurities. By sharing our experiences and seeking support, we can gain valuable perspectives and find comfort in knowing we are not alone. Building this network creates a safe space for vulnerability and enables us to move through insecurities more effectively.


Ellie Curry 




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