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The Different Types of Self-Care: Designing a Balanced Routine

The Different Types of Self-Care: Designing a Balanced Routine

Episode #15: The Different Types Of Self Care

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Self-care is crucial for your overall well-being, and I've come to realize that there's no one-size-fits-all approach. That's why I wanted to share my insights on the different types of self-care in this blog post. Join me I guide you through the process of creating a balanced routine that suits your individual needs.

Together, we'll explore various categories of self-care, including mental, physical, spiritual, social, emotional, and rest and relaxation. It's a journey of self-discovery where we'll learn how to prioritize and nurture every aspect of our being. 

The Bare Minimum, Medium, and High Energy Days

Everyday you will have different energy levels. On low-energy days, it's crucial to take care of the non-negotiables in your self-care routine. For me this is brushing my teeth and making my bed! No matter what I do those two things. Medium energy days allow for a little more flexibility and additional activities. This is you baseline self care days, or in other words your "normal" self care routine days. Then, there are high-energy days when you can incorporate things you wish were part of your routine but aren't part of the everyday medium level. Knowing this about yourself can help you treat yourself with kindness as you design your self care routines! 

Exploring Different Types of Self-Care

So what goes into a self care routine? Well I am going to share with you different areas of self care to keep in mind when creating routines! 

Mental Self-Care

Engaging in activities that challenge and shift limiting beliefs into supportive and encouraging ones is key to mental self-care. Discover how to nurture your thoughts and beliefs to create a positive mindset that supports your well-being. Journaling is a great activity for improving mental health! 

Physical Self-Care

Physical self-care encompasses various activities, including taking care of your home environment, practicing skincare and haircare routines, exercising, and paying attention to your nutrition. Learn how to incorporate physical self-care into your routine while considering the other categories of self-care.

This is the most common type of self care we think of. This encompasses a lot of different activities. 

Spiritual Self-Care

Spiritual self-care involves connecting with a higher power or appreciating the greater universe around you. Whether you are religious or spiritual, find ways to slow down, tap into your spiritual beliefs, and appreciate the moments that bring you peace and connection.

Social Self-Care

Humans thrive on connection, making social self-care an essential aspect of our well-being. Engaging with others who understand and support you can provide a sense of balance and fulfillment. Discover how to incorporate social self-care into your routine, considering your introversion or extroversion and the type of connection you need.

Emotional Self-Care

Processing emotions is often overlooked but vital for our overall well-being. Start by identifying your feelings and understanding how they manifest in your body. Building awareness around your emotional experiences can lead to effective emotional self-care practices.

Rest and Relaxation Self-Care

Allowing yourself to rest is crucial for preventing burnout. Incorporating rest and relaxation into your routine is an act of self-care that promotes long-term well-being. Learn how to prioritize rest and create space for relaxation in your daily life.

Designing a well-rounded self-care routine involves nurturing all aspects of who you are. Consider the different types of self-care and assess which ones you excel at and which ones you want to incorporate. Remember, there is no perfection in self-care—compassion, kindness, and balance are the keys to creating a sustainable and fulfilling routine. 


Ellie Curry



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