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The Stories You Tell Yourself: How They Shape Your Mindset

The Stories You Tell Yourself: How They Shape Your Mindset

Episode #14: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

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I want to chat about something super important—our mindset and the stories we tell ourselves. When we go about our lives, we often create these narratives in our minds based on our perspective of the world. But here's the thing: our emotions don't know if those stories are real or not!

Overthinking - The Mind Maze

We've all been there—overthinking our way into an emotional rollercoaster. But guess what? Building awareness is like having a superpower! It helps us break free from the endless cycle of overthinking. So, let's learn how to shift our behavior and put an end to those mind mazes.

The Power of Self-Generated Stories

Our minds can create two types of stories: visualization stories and validation stories. Visualization stories are day dreaming about our dreams and aspirations. These can leave us feeling impowered and inspired!  Validation stories are validating our unique perspective of the world. So if we struggle with a negative perspective our thoughts and stories we tell ourselves can be validating this perspective.

Permission and Compassion: You're in Charge!

Here's a secret: it's totally okay to overthink sometimes! No shame or judgment here, my friend. Granting yourself permission to experience those moments and responding with compassion is key. So, let's ditch the notion that overthinking is "bad" and embrace the idea that it's an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

Ever wondered why you think the way you do about yourself? Well, it's time to take a closer look at your belief structures. By peeling back the layers, we can reshape our self-perception and boost our self-esteem. It's all about understanding where those beliefs come from and creating a more positive and empowering mindset.


This takes time and effort, but building awareness about your thoughts and stories is how you change them. Understand what triggers certain stories in your mind., so they next time you experience this trigger, you are able to stop the story from taking place! When you catch yourself overthinking or in a story that doesn't validate the perspective you want tell yourself "I don't think this story anymore." 

By taking control of your mindset and the stories it believes, you are able to shift the stories you believe about yourself! 


Ellie Curry


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