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Embracing Your Self Concept

Embracing Your Self Concept

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Hello, and welcome back to another episode of the Own Your Confidence podcast. I'm Ellie, your host, and I'm thrilled to be here. As we approach Thanksgiving, a season I absolutely love, I've already indulged in some Christmas music – guilty as charged. Today, I want to delve into a topic that impacts our confidence: our self-concept. Often, our struggles with self-esteem stem from a negative self-perception, and that's what I want to explore.

Unveiling Self-Perception

I recently had an eye-opening moment with my business coach. Discussing my plans for the week, she commended my reliability, saying, "You always get things done." It struck me because I hadn't seen myself that way. This realization marked a shift in my self-concept, emphasizing how we might hold a skewed image of ourselves. 

I had been working on consistency and discipline for a while but, I was holding onto an outdated self concept. I hadn't always followed through on commitments in the past and I was still viewing myself that way even through I had changed.

Changing Your Self-Concept: A Path to Peace

Changing your self-concept requires intentional efforts. Start by identifying aspects you wish to shift. Like many, I've had that secret Pinterest board filled with images of an idealized version of myself. But comparing the current you to this ideal can undermine confidence.

The key isn't to combat your perceived flaws but to embrace them. Shifting self-concept involves understanding why certain aspects of yourself are deemed "not good enough." It's about getting curious, dissecting, and challenging the narratives we've internalized about ourselves.

Kindness as a Tool for Change

To foster self-love, kindness is crucial. Begin by uncovering how you're unkind to yourself, interrupting negative thoughts, and treating yourself as you would a friend. This process doesn't mean an immediate leap from self-hate to self-love. It's a journey from dislike to neutrality, kindness, and eventually, love.

In conclusion, the journey to changing your self-concept is about embracing all facets of yourself, even the ones you've deemed unworthy for years. Implementing peace starts with implementing kindness. Remember, the goal isn't just success; it's enjoying the journey toward success.


Ellie Curry 



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