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Things To Consider When Crafting Your 2024 Vision Board

Things To Consider When Crafting Your 2024 Vision Board

Episode 49: Things To Consider When Crafting Your 2024 Vision Board

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Hey there, it's Ellie, your host of the Own Your Confidence podcast. I hope you had a fantastic holiday last week. Today, let's dive into the exciting topic of creating your 2024 vision board.

The Early Vision Board Days

I vividly remember being 23, living in Columbus, and putting up this massive vision board in my apartment. It wasn't the right approach—it became a daily reminder of standards I felt I wasn't meeting. Now, looking back, I've realized we've checked all the boxes, but the approach to our goals matters.

Authenticity Over Standards

Back then, struggling with depression and a loud inner critic, I was trying to beat myself into change. What I should have been doing was learning to accept the parts I deemed not good enough. So, as you craft your 2024 vision, ensure it's rooted in authenticity.

Choosing Goals Intentionally

Don't pick outlandish goals that force a 180-degree change, especially if self-sabotage is a struggle. Curate goals based on authenticity, not on external pressures.

Is a Vision Board Right for You?

Consider if a vision board will inspire or lead to judgment and comparison. Personally, I love the aesthetic aspect—it's a visually pleasing way to view aspirations. 

Chasing Feelings, Not Just Goals

Often, we're chasing feelings rather than goals. Ask yourself what feelings your goals will bring, and then identify where you already experience those emotions in your life. Incorporate those feelings into your daily life now. This will help you start to embody what you want to feel. 

Grab a piece of paper and a pen. Divide your paper into three columns. In the first column start writing out all of your 2024 goals! In the second column next to each goal write out what emotion you think you will experience when you accomplish this goal. Then in the third column write down what already makes you feel that way in your day to day life. Start being intentional with the activities in your third column. Incorporate them into your life. Our goal is not only to achieve our goals but learn how to enjoy the process on the way to our goals! 


Sustainable Goal Implementation

When deciding what goals you want to reach in 2024 I recommend 90-day sprints, focusing on one or two goals at a time. This approach allows a deeper connection with the journey, ensuring a more sustainable and enjoyable process. The goal is to implement in a way that feels good for you. There is no rush! 

If you have questions or need guidance for your 2024 vision, feel free to reach out. Check out our mini workbook on our website and take advantage of the coaching session offer until January 1st. Wishing you a fabulous week as we embrace the holiday season. Sending you love!


Ellie Curry 




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